FINA-ER Series

Point of Care Immunochemistry series

FINA – a Point of Care Immunochemistry series directed to
urgent care diagnostics (cardia/inflammatory) – over 50
parameters available..

STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease) 

Self-Test Kits

STDs usually comes in pairs. This is 3 of several STD self test kits to be
launched by LABDX


Qualitative Antigen Rapid Immunoassay and visual read test

ARIA ( antigen rapid immune assay ) Home use/self test that is Affordable,  Accurate,  accessible & backed by the most advanced digital medical platforms.

A simple Swab – DROP – wait   3 easy steps to test yourself. And, you can scan for a nurse using our teletest service ( MEDX)  where  an English speaking nurse ( other languages available) virtually & face to face administers the simple steps and provides interpretation of results. This is required for medical certification and in regulated markets.

The Aria is integrated with Symptoma the only Artificial intelligent digital health assistant that has been awarded a Medical device Type authorization. www.symptoma.com

Regulatory approvals include the EU , PH and many other nations.


ARIA is certified by the Food and Drug Administration Philippines, valid. until July 29, 2023. See certification here.  




Quantitative antigen testing for initial diagnosis

FINA Ag  is a dry fluorescence immunoassay (FIA) quantitative antigen screen test which can detect the viral presence of SARS-CoV-2 via a painless nasal swab that only takes 15 minutes. It has a sensitivity rating of 100% and a specificity rating of 100%. FINA Ag is our most affordable SARS-CoV-2 viral test by far, and it is known to be highly accurate, accessible (available at point-of-care), and affordable. Call us for special introductory pricing.


COVID19 RISK PANEL (CRP) includes measurement of seven (7) parameters namely – Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HBA1C), Vitamin D, C-Reactive Protein, Procalcitonin, Interleukin-6, D-Dimer, & Troponin I. These parameters gives information on an individual’s immune status and predisposition to moderate to critical COVID19 complications.

NAbs (Neutralizing Antibodies)

nAbs (Neutralizing Antibodies) is a quantitative gold standard in measuring vaccine efficacy and immunity.


Antigen testing for confirmatory diagnosis

Changing the testing game with its high mobility and affordability, the Sofia 2 boasts a sensitivity of 96.7% and a low risk of process error. Get accurate results in as fast as 15 minutes.


Real-time PCR for confirmatory diagnosis

With RT-PCR widely considered as the gold standard in confirmatory COVID-19 diagnosis, the Lyra Direct ups the ante by cutting the process to a turnaround time of 75 minutes, without sacrificing accuracy.


Qualitative antigen testing without the need for machines

Qualitative antigen testing without the need for machines with a sensitivity of 94.7% Sensitivity and specificity of 97.7%, the Corona Antigen Instant Test for 1 (or CAI-1) contains two antigen tests that can be detected without the use of machines, making it suitable for at-home use with the aid of a licensed medical practitioner.


Quantitative antigen fluorescence immunoassay test

Rated at 96% sensitivity and 99% specificity, the AgILA uses a machine to detect the presence of COVID-19 antigens or proteins in subjects. Exclusive to select government agencies at the moment.