Fina AG (Antigen Test) Passes with Flying Colors in Swiss Society Microbiology Test. FINA Ag  is a CLEIA method test and is quantitative antigen screen test which can detect the viral presence of SARS-CoV-2 via a painless nasal swab that only takes 15 minutes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set a standard passing grade for two important categories in testing the effectivity of the COVID19 tests. The two categories are Sensitivity and Specificity, the passing grade for Sensitivity is 80% and for Specificity is 99%.  Sensitivity measures Negative Percent Agreement (NPA) which measures an individual assay can detect viral protein or the RNA molecules. Meaning Sensitivity is the measurement of “False Negatives”. A False Negative is when a person takes a COVID19 test and the result comes out as negative (which is dangerous because the person could spread the virus without knowing it). While for Specificity this measures the Positive Percent Agreement (PPA) which measures “False Positives”. This is less dangerous compared to a “False Negative” as the person who took the test will isolate his or herself and not spread anything. 

Last December 30, 2020 the Swiss Society of Microbiology (SSM) tested LABx’s Fina Ag (Rapid Ag LANSIONBIO). Fina Ag got the score of 85 for sensitivity and 99 for specificity which is above the passing grade. *The SSM is a professional independent association of Swiss microbiologists in the field of medical fundamental environmental and food microbiology, virology, mycology and microbial biotechnology.

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